EDP Booking Gift

    • Ceramic Speckled Tumblers // Korai Goods

    • Salted Caramel Candies (Wrapped)// Shotwell Candy Co

    •  Terrazzo Wrapping // Hooray All Day

    • Coffee Plant Tea Towel // Krista Pischner Studio

    • Gold Coffee Scoop + Clip // EJ&co

    • Salted Caramel Coffee // Copper Cow Coffee

    • Oat Milk Chocolate Bar // Mast Brother Chocolate (chocolate will be replaced with Original Shortbread Cookings from Willa's Shorbread in warmer months. The shortbread cookies will also be wrapped in Hooray All Day Terrazzo Giftwrap)

  • Packaging: Each gift is carefully curated and hand-wrapped in our signature pale white emma jo & co. gift box with white tissue, kraft crinkle paper, branded EDP closing seal + colored ribbon.

    ** Erika will be providing additional branded postcards and welcome magazine to be included in eahc gift free of charge.